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Monday, January 19, 2009

Continuous Departures

The Jungle Cruise queue is one of my favorites.

While certainly not as lavish as Expedition Everest, the visual and auditory elements resonate with me. I feel like I'm in the Adventurer's Club (R.I.P.) while I wait for my skipper.

Here's a few images from the two domestic U.S. Jungle Cruise queues, starting with Walt Disney World:

2 - Magic Kingdom - Jan 2009 (32)

2 - Magic Kingdom - Jan 2009 (33)

... and continuing with Disneyland:

Jungle Cruise (03)

Jungle Cruise (07)

Each park also has a tribute to Disney Legend Harper Goff nearby. In Walt Disney World, look for the following crate on the loading dock:

2 - Magic Kingdom - Jan 2009 (38)

.. while in Disneyland, see if you can spot Mr. Goff's window across from the entrance:

Adventureland misc (13)

In addition to designing the Jungle Cruise boats, Mr. Goff (a native of Fort Collins, CO) played the Banjo in the "Firehouse Five Plus Two" Dixieland jazz band.

An excellent discussion of the details of the WDW Jungle Cruise Queue can be found in Show 24 of the award-winning WDW Radio Show podcast.

I've posted more images from the WDW and Disneyland versions of the Jungle Cruise on flickr.