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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Intersections - Adventureland, Lahina's Pioneer Inn

What Ho!

The thing about the worlds of Disney is that a fellow can often tuck himself inside one and be whisked off to all sorts of exotic locales. Photographs are a fun way to explore the intersections between Disney and the world beyond.

Take for example this charming Adventureland balcony:
Adventureland misc (31)

The fishing nets (and the "Chandler" sign near the back) evoke a seaside setting. Taking it all in, I am rather reminded of Lahina's historic Pioneer Inn:

Early evening at Lahina.
The Pioneer Inn, Lahina, Maui

There's quite a bit of history associated with the Pioneer Inn. According to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, it is one of the oldest operating hotels in Hawaii (having been restored by Best Western somewhere along the way).

The story is that the Inn was founded by an Englishman who came to Maui to embody the long arm of the law, but decided to stay in Hawaii and go into the hotel business instead.

Sounds like a clever chap.


- The Management