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An outpost at the intersection of Life and Disney

About the Veranda

1. a large,open porch,usually roofed and partly enclosed, as by a railing, often extending across the front and sides of a house

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What Ho!, and welcome to Adventure Veranda!

Take a seat here on the covered porch - or if you prefer, find a comfy corner in which to to ensconce oneself inside our British Colonial clubhouse.

Our members are a friendly bunch, although some find us a trifle odd. Oh dear, that doesn't sound quite right. I don't mean odd as in dodgy, more in the sense of unique.

It can be difficult to pin down exactly what our little club is actually for. I mean to say, we all like Disney (but who doesn't) - but we go to other places, too.

I suppose the warp and weft that forms our common fabric is a loose collection of:

  • An appreciation for travel,
  • A preference for journeying at a leisurely pace, while maintaining a certain level of comfort,
  • An amateur interest in photography and storytelling,
  • A healthy disregard for the rules of English grammar,
  • A certain fondness for italic font, and
  • A tendency to prattle on in re all of the above.

  • Perhaps eclectic is the word I mean.

    The clubhouse contains our collection of photos, trinkets, and other mementos of previous destinations.

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    Perhaps not the most tidy of places, but we rather like it here.

    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around, share a story, or just find a comfy spot to sit. I'm sure someone will be by to take your drink order eventually...

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    - The Management