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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out There - Chapel of the Transfiguration

Greetings Adventurers!

Some of our members recently returned from an expedition to Grand Teton National Park.

Our plan is to ply them with drink and ask them to regale us with tales (and photos), but so far they are still shaking off the dust of the trail and could not be bothered with lengthy exposition.

We did however manage to extract one quick image for Veranda photo gallery:

Grand Teton National Park
Chapel of the Transfiguration,
with the Teton range in the background
Moose, WY

Stay tuned for further developments.

- The Management

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Curious Artifacts - 1983 EPCOT Center Map

Here's a curious artifact from the Veranda collection, an EPCOT Center map from 1983:

EPCOT Center map 1983 1

Unlike today's maps, this one was designed with an additional fold, presumably to fit more conveniently in a pocket.

When fully folded, the reverse side gives us a quick overview:

EPCOT Center map 1983 2

Note the period icons for both EPCOT Center and Walt Disney World!

EPCOT Map 1983 1

Unfolding the map reveals:

EPCOT Center map 1983 3
Click here for a high-res version

Comparing the map to a more contemporary version brings several differences into sharp relief.

For example -- the stylized line drawing style and reduced color palette are both typical features for maps from this epoch.

One also quickly observes the empty spaces destined to hold future pavilions in both World Showcase (Norway, Morocco) and Future World (The Living Seas). We also see evidence of lost wonders such as Horizons and the famous lost potties of Denmark and Morocco.

Scanning the map more carefully reveals more curiosities. For example, can you locate the WorldKey Information Satellites? And how about the short-lived Renaissance Food Festival?

And how's this for quaint? Notice the friendly dining advice:

EPCOT Map 1983 2
How did we ever survive before the days of 180-day ADRs?

(For extra credit, check out which World Showcase eateries did not rate the asterisk).

In the category of things not present, where is the International Gateway? Looking at the resort map on the back sheds light on this strange absence -- there's no point in having a gateway where there are no Epcot-area resorts to connect to!

EPCOT Center map 1983 8
Revel in the idyllic simplicity of the 1983 WDW resort!

Here's the map legend for the section near the Walt Disney World Village:

EPCOT Center map 1983 9

The resort map also continues the use of simplified graphic designs:

1983 Map Icons 2

1983 Map Icons 1

1983 Map Icons 3

To round out our tour, here are thumbnails for the remaining map images in the Veranda collection:

EPCOT Center map 1983 7 EPCOT Center map 1983 4 EPCOT Center map 1983 6
Click on the thumbnails for high-res images

Feel free to linger and explore the map in greater detail. Leave a comment if you find anything noteworthy.

- The Management

Friday, July 1, 2011

Intersections - Rigging

Here at the veranda our interest in the created worlds of Disney whets our appetite to explore the wider world which inspired them (and vice-versa). Photos are a fun way to discover the intersections between Disney and the world beyond.

For example, here are two vessels that are over two thousand miles apart when conventionally measured, but feel as if they were cut from the same sailcloth:

08 - SS Columbia (23)
The SS Columbia in it's home port.
Fowler's Harbor, Disneyland, CA

Maui (878)
Another classic vessel makes port.
Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii.

- The Management