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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disneyland Details - Holiday Decorations

Details abound in Disney Parks, and Disneyland in December is certainly no exception. The holiday decorations are a visual treat.

As you would expect, everything blends seamlessly with its visual and thematic surroundings. Be it the turn-of-the-century elegance of Main Street, U.S.A:

11 - Main Street - Interiors (41)

...the rustic garlands in Frontierland:
02 - Frontierland - Scenery (12)

... the home-spun charms of Big Thunder Ranch:
10 - Big Thunder Ranch (31)

... the nutcracker toys outside It's a Small World:

11 - Small World (12)

... the festive ornamentation of New Orleans Square:
05 - New Orleans Square - Details (11)

... or the refined interior of the Club 33 lobby:
04 - Club 33 (25)

Then there's the fabulous holiday overlays like Haunted Mansion Holiday:

09 - Haunted Mansion Holiday (12)
09 - Haunted Mansion Holiday (17)

... and Small World Holiday:
11 - Small World (23)

11 - Small World (48)

But the visually inquisitive are often rewarded with additional hidden gems. For example, am I dreaming, or are there Heffalumps flying overhead in Critter Country?

Critter Country - Scenery (20)

The diminutive residents of Storybookland have also gotten into the act:
10 - Storybook Land Canal Boats (19)
10 - Storybook Land Canal Boats (32)

Toontown is awash in these details. Look at the sporting theme in this wreath adorning the Horace Horsecollar Gym:

02 - Toontown - Scenery (27)

... and the pyrotechnics hanging outside the fireworks factory:

02 - Toontown - Scenery (29)

It looks like Donald has made use of some handy nautical rope in his decorating:

02 - Toontown - Scenery (20)

The detailing continues across the esplanade in DCA. Check out this wreath hanging outside the Rushin' River Outfitters:

02 - DCA - Golden State - Grizzly River Run (14)

All images were taken in December, 2007.

You can see high-resolution versions of these images on


Karen said...

Wow, is this your first comment ever? Just wanted to say welcome.

Great photos.

Cory Gross said...

Hi and welcome to the Disneysphere! ^_^

I have a hard time imagining Christmas without snow and would probably find the decorations at Disneyland dissonance-inducing, but they look very pretty nonetheless ^_^

Gator Chris said...

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Interesting point about the snow. I grew up in Florida, so it's not a problem for me.

Rick said...

Great pictures! I'm happy to hear there is..."Yet Another Disney Blog!"

Anonymous said...

Good stuff man!

Cory Gross said...

Ah, I can see if you're a Florida native... Being Canadian, if I'm not snowed in by a blizzard on Christmas Day, something ain't right! ^_^

D.O.C. said...

Welcome to the blogsphere!

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