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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Disney Cruise - Mickey's Mates, Treasure Ketch, and Walt

Welcome back to my series about cruising aboard the Disney Magic.

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Now that we've
looked around the Lobby Atrium, let's proceed forward on Deck 4, where we are greeted by this hallway:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 26

Let's start by looking DOWN, where we see Yet Another embedded cruise line logo:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 27

Along either side of the hallway are a pair of shops : "Treasure Ketch" on the right and "Mickey's Mates" on the left. Let's pass under the decorative Mickey and duck inside Mickey's Mates for a look around:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 16

As is so often the case in a Disney retail space, guests who take the time to LOOK UP are rewarded. In this case we find the shop is filled with crow's nests containing a host of old friends:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 17 Disney Magic - Below Decks 19
Disney Magic - Below Decks 21 Disney Magic - Below Decks 23
Disney Magic - Below Decks 22

Leaving Mickey's Mates, we find ourselves at the other end of the hallway, with "Treasure Ketch" just a few steps away:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 14
As you might expect, this shop has a more elegant feel, and offers an array of items including resort wear, jewelry, and other higher-end collectibles. (By the way, I wonder if the nautical flags under the boat spell anything in particular?...)

At the forward end of the hallway we find the lobby for the Walt Disney Theater:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 29

Through these doors is the grandest performance space on board the Magic, which serves as the venue for the Disney Cruise Line's signature shows:
Disney Magic - Below Decks 33

You'll have to look elsewhere for pictures of the interior (I'm not posting pictures of *everything*, some things are best enjoyed in person. Besides, low lighting conditions and a moving ship make for challenging photography).

This stretch from the Lobby Atrium to the Walt Disney Theater reminds me of the entrance to Disneyland -- the Lobby Atrium serves as a Town Square, the shop-lined hallway is the Magic's version of Main Street, U.S.A., and the picture of Walt (and the theater named after him) serve as the "weenie" pulling us forward.

Next time, we'll step back for a little perspective.

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