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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double-Take: The Two (WDI) Towers

Isn't it strange how sometimes you can look at an image without really seeing it?

I've been working my way through the WEDway Radio archives (well worth checking out, BTW), and something I heard in Episode 13 caught me by surprise.

08 - DCA - Tower of Terror (14)

WEDway Radio episode 13 compares the two domestic versions of the Tower of Terror attraction.  While I was well aware of the substantial mechanical differences between the attractions, I was surprised to hear that each rendition of the "Hollywood Tower Hotel" is actually constructed in a different architectural style.

Even though I've seen (and photographed) both towers in person, I never noticed just how strikingly different they are:

WDW April 2005 (7)
WDW April 2005 (9)

The Hollywood Tower Hotel,
Sunset Boulevard
Walt Disney World Resort, FL

08 - DCA - Tower of Terror (11)
08 - DCA - Tower of Terror (13)

The Hollywood Tower Hotel,
Hollywood Pictures Backlot,
Disneyland Resort, CA

Yet Another reminder to always keep my eyes (and my mind) open!

Until next time,

- Chris


Yes, I know there's actually *four* versions of the "Tower of Terror" attraction.  However:
1) from the pictures, the Disneyland Paris version looks like a twin of the DCA version,
2) the Tokyo tower is radically different, and isn't even a "Hollywood Tower Hotel",
3) Calling the article The Two Towers appeals to my inner Tolkien geek :-]

- C.


Nate said...

Hey thanks for referencing our show. Nice blog too by the way.

Gator Chris said...

Hi Nate!

You're welcome. Thanks for WEDway Radio (and thanks for stopping by).

- C.