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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Very Merry (Un)Birthday to WDW!

October 1, 2011 marked the 40th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort.

This week at the Veranda we will be celebrating the occasion by exhibiting items from our WDW collection (one new item per day).

Let's start things off with this curious artifact - a five-day children's pass for the Magic Kingdom:

WDW 5-day child pass 1979 front

These tickets were only available to members of the Magic Kingdom Club, and date back to an era when most park guests were still using the A-E ticket books for individual attractions.

Note the hole near the top -- the passport was designed to be tied to an article of clothing with a string.  The level of wear on this item is consistent with a pass that would have to be displayed on your person while in the park.

As we can see from the back, this piece dates back to August of 1980:
WDW 5-day child pass 1979 back

On a personal note, the Veranda Management like to add "Happy Birthday, WDW! Thanks for the Adventures, looking forward to making new ones."

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