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Monday, February 2, 2009

Put on Your Sunday Clothes

A brief confession -- I like musicals. Well, at least, I like *some* musicals.

By this point I'm assuming that most people who read Disney blogs are aware of the connection between "Hello, Dolly!" and WALL-E.

And while I realize that the Disney/Dolly connection is tenuous, for me there is another thread that connects the two -- Main Street, U.S.A.

When I watch the 1969 film version of "Hello, Dolly" I am immediately reminded of Disney's Main Street. The film's take on turn-of-the century architecture, costuming, train travel, and even singing and dancing all remind of Walt's tribute to his boyhood:

08a - Main Street - Vehicles (11) 12 - Main Street - Fire Engine Ride (13)

Main Street USA pano (1) Sept 2005
Caseys Corner pano Sept 2005
(Walt Disney World)

So if you enjoy musicals and want a quick trip to the turn of the century, then consider putting on your Sunday clothes and check out "Hello, Dolly" on your video medium of choice.

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