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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Disney Magic - Arrival

Like many of you, I love the Disney Resort Hotels. I love the immersive effect of the theming and detail.
The Grand Floridian WDW: Yacht & Beach Clubs
02 - Grand Californian Hotel - Lobby (10) Pop Century Resort WDW Port Orleans: French Quarter

But one of my favorite Disney Resorts cannot be found within the borders of Disney Property, and in fact most of the time cannot be pinned to any specific location for more than a few hours at a time.

The ships of the Disney Cruise Line bring the notion of an immersive experience to entirely new level, and are a treasure trove of details for any Disney Geek.

I'll share some of those details over the next series of posts, based on the time I spent on the Disney Magic on a seven-day cruise.

Here's the first glimpse of the ship that we saw as we approached Port Canaveral:

Disney Cruise - Terminal 02

But before we board the ship, let's take a look at the Cruise Terminal:

Disney Cruise - Terminal 04

Even before we get inside we see all sorts of eye candy. Notice the hands on the clock?

Disney Cruise - Terminal 11

And check out the details above the windows:

Disney Cruise - Terminal 16

Disney Cruise - Terminal 14(a)

Disney Cruise - Terminal 13(a)

There exterior makes use of classical decorative Mickeys, and also includes details of a more nautical nature, such as this braided rope line:

Disney Cruise - Terminal 09 Disney Cruise - Terminal 17

The window above sports the snazzy Disney Cruise Line logo, which is also visible on the back of the building:

Disney Cruise - Terminal 40

Next stop, we'll take a peek inside the terminal building before setting sail.

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