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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disney Magic - More Shipboard Details

I'd like to wrap up our shipboard tour of the Disney Magic by peeking at a few more of the many Disney details.

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As one might expect, Mickey's presence is never far away:

Disney Magic - Details  33

This sign may feel familiar to people who have spent time on *other* Disney watercraft:
Disney Magic - Details  09

Many of the design touches help reinforce the theme of "cruising in grand style", such as this next example, which I'm posting especially for George and Andrew:
Disney Magic - Details  45

Many of the passageways display wonderful Disney artwork. Take a look at what's on display near the Neverland Club:
Disney Magic - Details  10
Disney Magic - Details  11

And then there's this little gem on deck five -- a collection of several bits of trivia called "Disney Cruise Line Seaworthy Facts:
Disney Magic - Details  13
Disney Magic - Details  19

A good deal of the artwork is related to the sea, or "magic":
Disney Magic - Details  30
"Film poster from Walt Disney's King Neptune 1932"

Disney Magic - Details  43
"From Walt Disney's film Magician Mickey 1937"

I hope you've enjoyed exploring the Disney Magic along with me. I'm including that last piece of artwork as a preview of our next destination:

Disney Magic - Details  27

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