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Monday, August 17, 2009

Miyazaki in Epcot

Miyazaki's Ponyo opened in the US last week (limited release).

I was fortunate enough to go see it on Friday. I'm a fan of his work (including the Pixarian-directed English language dubs), and I loved Ponyo.
Check out the review over at Imaginerding.com.

In honor of Ponyo's US release, here's a image I captured of Miyazaki plush on sale at
Epcot's World Showcase in November of 2005:
EPCOT Nov2005 157

Questions for the blogosphere: Have there ever been Miyazaki walk-around characters in a Disney park? Should there be?


Zanna said...

I have never seen or heard of Miyazaki characters walking around Disney. It would be cool for sure, but probably require more explanation for those not aware of his wonderful films! :D

I was sad to see there was not any Ponyo plush or any other merchandise in the Japan pavillion this weekend when we visited. There were several books on Miyazaki's art and animation, but that was about it. :(

Gator Chris said...

Zanna - Thanks for the update.

Alas, I agree that Miyazaki walk-around characters in WDW probably not in the cards. Call it wishful thinking, but a life-size Totoro would be *cool* :-]

Just think, you could offer him an umbrella when it rains...