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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Castaway Cay -- Arrival Plaza, Post Office, Flying Dutchman

(This is part of a series about cruising on the Disney Magic. Click here if you want to go back to the start of the tour).

Last time, the Disney Magic had arrived at Castaway Cay:
Castaway Cay Map

Like many of the Disney Cruise Line's ports of call, the ship docks directly at the island. Once docked, guests are free to come and go between the island and the ship at their leisure.

The guest experience at Castaway Cay is designed to make you think of the island as an extension of your cruise ship. For example, food (and non-alcoholic beverages) in the island are provided as part of your cruise package.

I'm excited that Disney has recently announced expansion plans for Castaway Cay. These images and remarks are based on my visit there during November of 2008.

Guests step ashore at the Arrival Plaza:
Castaway Cay Arrival Plaza

Which is a short stroll from the Post Office...
Castaway Cay - Post Office 01

Castaway Cay - Post Office 05

..."Marge's Barges Charter Dock"...
Castaway Cay - Arrival Plaza 13

...and a fun Photo Op:
Castaway Cay - Arrival Plaza 14

This area provides some of the best views of the Flying Dutchman prop ship from Pirates of the Caribbean:
Castaway Cay - Flying Dutchman 08

Castaway Cay - Flying Dutchman 01

But the heart of this island paradise is a short stroll or tram ride away. We'll stop at the tram station and wait for the next one to arrive:
Castaway Cay - Island Trams 01

Next stop -- Boat Beach.

See you then.

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