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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Castaway Cay - Castaway Air Bar

(This is part of a series about cruising on the Disney Magic. Click here if you want to go back to the start of the tour).

Welcome back. Now that I've finished with my hammock time, let's continue with our tour of Serenity Bay at Disney's Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay Map

As I mentioned
last time, Serenity Bay is a remote section of the island that offers a relaxed, "grown-ups only" experience. Now that we've had some beach time, let's stroll to the nearby "Castaway Air Bar":
Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  25

Shaped like a WWII-era Quonset hut, the Air Bar looks right at home at the end of Castaway Cay's airstrip. It provides simple snacks (e.g. potato chips), lively libations, and peaceful views of the ocean:
Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  28

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  33

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  30

The "set dressing" for the bar further reinforces the feeling that we've stumbled onto the sleepy headquarters of a small island-hopping airline - perhaps one started by fly-boys who served in the islands during the war and decided not to return to the mainland:

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  34

Plane Spotting

The period aviation references don't stop there. In keeping with grand Imagineering tradition, Disney has provided more detail in the bathrooms in the form of these classic aviation signs:

Castaway Cay - details

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  46

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  47

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  50

Stepping back outside, it looks like the tram back to the central part of the island should arrive shortly. I'll wait here for the tram.

Next time we'll take a look at some of Castaway Cay's other Disney details.
Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  43

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