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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay

(This is part of a series about cruising on the Disney Magic. Click here if you want to go back to the start of the tour).

Welcome back to Disney's
Castway Cay:

Castaway Cay Map

Now that we've had a chance to
explore the Family Beach area, let's board an island tram and head for the "adults-only" area - Serenity Bay:

Castaway Cay Serenity Bay

Tucked away on the west side of the island, Serenity Bay offers many of the same amenities as the Family Beach area, but on a more intimate scale and in more relaxed surroundings.

During our tram ride, the observant guest may spot a series of large letters on the broad road that runs from the island's center to Serenity bay. Close inspection of the map confirms that this broad, straight section of blacktop appears to be the "CASTAWAY CAY" airstrip:

Castaway Cay Airstrip

Our tram drops us off at the end of the runway, where we find an aging airplane being reclaimed by the island vegetation:

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  02

Notice the insignia on the airplane. The presence of Donald is perhaps a nod to the many military insignia designed by the Walt Disney Studios starting during World War II. Walt's studio made many creative contributions to the Allied war effort. Those yearning to learn more may wish to check out
Toons At War.

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  04

The rest of Serenity Bay's structures continue the airstrip theme:

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  05

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  06

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  07

Here's an image from the beach, which features chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, and cast members who stroll up and down the beach taking drink orders:

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  14

Serenity Bay also features massage cabanas, a lunch venue, a bar, and a rental spot for snorkels, fins, floats, and inner tubes.

As our cruise party were all over 18 years of age, we spent much of our two Castaway Cay days in this area. The differences between Serenity Bay and the main part of the island were both obvious and subtle. For example, where other parts of the Cay are paved, Serenity Bay pedestrians usually find sparkling white sand.

We'll explore more of Serenity Bay next time. For now, I think I'll stretch out in one of these hammocks and listen to the ocean for a while.

Castaway Cay - Serenity Bay  20

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