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Friday, November 20, 2009

Castaway Cay - Castmember Homage

(This is part of a series about cruising on the Disney Magic. Click here if you want to go back to the start of the tour).

Welcome back to Disney's Castway Cay:

Castaway Cay Map

This remote paradise is apparently home to a number of small island businesses, as is evidenced by the many signs on display.

Some of the names on display in these signs may seem familiar. For example:

Castaway Cay - Arrival Plaza 12

A quick trip to wikipedia confirms our suspicions:
"Big" Al Weiss - President, Worldwide Operations, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
(former President - Walt Disney World Resort)

Here are some other examples:
Castaway Cay - Family Beach Area 08

Castaway Cay - Family Beach Area 18

Castaway Cay - Family Beach Area 15

Castaway Cay - Boat Beach 22

Castaway Cay - Arrival Plaza 08

Notice that each sign has it's own look, and that all of them incorporate one or more dimensional elements (i.e. none of them are completely "flat").

Some quick work on the internet will show you that each of these signs contains an homage to a Disney executive (most of them refer to Cruise Line exec's). Or, if you prefer, you can look at this little photo set on flickr to see what I found.

Next time, we'll bid a fond farewell to Castaway Cay and the Disney Cruise Line.

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