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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Details - The Last Weekend in November...

Walt Disney World's "Value Resorts" have their limitations, but they also offer solid value for the money and have a strong fan following in their own right.

Although clearly not WDI's best work, I do enjoy their festive, over-the-top exterior theming. The value resorts also contain a nice selection of Disney details.

As we reach the end of November, I am reminded of
one of my favorite of Disney details, which can be found at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort:

Gridiron Rivalry

Here we have a colorful tribute to the pageantry of American football, with two larger-than-life helmets facing each from their respective sidelines at mid-field.

This location always reminds me of the classic Goofy short "How to Play Football".

But this scene contains at least one additional layer of detail. Take a look at the color schemes on the two helmets:

Showdown at the 50-yard line
Are the helmet colors a co-incidence? I think not.

The fact that "Orange and Blue" is facing off against "Garnet and Gold" seems to me to be no mere co-incidence, as these are the colors of Florida's largest two universities -- two schools that annually face each other on the gridiron in the last weekend of November (by mandate of the state legislature). Many similar in-state rivalry games take place all across the United States near the end of each November.

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