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Sunday, March 27, 2011

From the Shoebox - World of Motion / GM Pamphlet (1985)

Today I'd like to share something I pulled out of my of my shoebox 'o Disney ephemera:

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 1

This was a free pamphlet I picked up at EPCOT Center's World of Motion pavilion. According the the copyright, I must have picked it up sometime around 1985.

Appealing as the cover page is, what I really dig are the images inside:

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 2
World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 3
World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 4

You know, as much as I miss the wonderful "World of Motion" AA attraction...

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 7

I think I have more distinct memories of two of the shows from the "Transcenter" post-show area: "Bird and the Robot", and "The Water Engine":

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 8

And now, a word from our pavilion sponsor, GM:

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 5

Oh, and are you wondering about the "free offer inside"? Well, the answer lies on the back page, which includes a postage-paid card via which you could request your "GM Family Vacation Guidebook" (Only one guidebook per household. Offer limited to licensed drivers):

World of Motion - GM Pamphlet 1985 6

Until next time,

- Chris


George Taylor said...

Great post!

Love the images. Did you ever get the guidebook to WoM?

George Taylor said...


World Of Motion!

It is the guidebook you could send away and get.

Gator Chris said...

Thanks George.

I don't think I have the guidebook to WoM (not sure what it is), but I *do* have this... http://flic.kr/p/9u9N2a

Gator Chris said...


No, I never sent off for the guidebook. That pamphlet is the only copy I have, and as you can see from the scan it is still intact.

From the text description above the postcard, it looks to me as if they put an alternate cover on a generic General Motors Family Vacation Guidebook, so I'm not sure how much WoM goodness it contained...