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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food & Wine - Native Guides

The caravan is packed, and the expedition is under way!  In less than 24 hours, our "personal Food & Wine Festival" will commence.

Although some of our members prefer the mad spontaneity of "winging it", it is rarely a good idea to venture into the field totally blind.  So, in addition to our (ahem) not inconsiderable experience with eating and drinking in the vicinity of Crescent Lake, we also consulted the following invaluable travelogues from renowned Native Guides:

Timon the Server
Looking for some Grub(s)? 

As promised, we will attempt to send periodic dispatches from the field (there is still some internal debate about the relative merits of messenger pigeons, smoke signals, notes-in-a-bottle, and jungle drums - but I'm confident we can make something work).

Bye for now,

- The Management

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