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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Humble Beginnings

As it turns out, our expedition to Crescent Lake included a stop-over at a rustic nearby village.  The hour of our arrival was late, so quickly after receiving a warm welcome, we toddled down to the cooking fires to see what food could be found.

And what did we find?  Well, one doesn't want to sound ungracious, so let's just say the options were limited. However, we Adventurers are accustomed to the vagaries of travel and quickly made our selection (Angus cheeseburgers with bacon) and trundled to our rooms:

A humble, but satisfying dinner
Modest Beginnings

Fortunately, we had arranged to rendezvous with some dear friends that night, and they had the foresight to bring along a bottle of wine -  an appealing 2009 Reserve Cab Franc from Virginia:

2009 Cab Franc Reserve
A bit of the grape can add life to even the simplest of meals

Taken as a whole, the dinner wasn't half bad. The burgers were satisfying, and the wine added a touch of refinement to the humble surroundings.  Afterward, we settled down for the night, confident that better times awaited us on the morrow.

More updates are forthcoming,

- The Management

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