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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Food, Wine, and Festivities


Our next Disney trip is just around the corner, and we've decided to try something different this time.

Here at the veranda, we believe in Leisure With Dignity - and in that spirit my wife and I have decided to conduct our very own "private little food and wine festival for two." The plan is to dedicate four nights and three leisurely days to food, beverages, and exploration at Epcot's World Showcase and the adjacent resort area.

EPCOT Nov2005 392

I'm sure we are not the first to pass this way, but this is something that's been on our minds for a while now, and we're excited to give it a try.

We really like the official Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, but having done that a few times, we've reached some conclusions:
  • In years past, some of the items we enjoyed the most were available year-round (like the soft pretzels at Germany).
  • Juggling snacks and drinks while standing around  is not our favorite pastime. Finding a place to sit, with a table (or at least a place to put our comestibles), gives us a better opportunity to appreciate what we eat.

EPCOT Nov2005 476
Not exactly our favorite table...

The world showcase is loaded with wonderful details. Our goal is to "go beyond the promenade", seek out quiet spots, take in the surroundings, and let ourselves be transported to far-off locales.

img.jpg 321

Of course, we will also be investigating some of the Epcot area's more recent additions with great anticipation.

Via Napoli card
Did someone say Wine Bar?

The edible excellence doesn't stop at the turnstiles. Just across the International Gateway, the Epcot resort area also beckons - and that is a call we intend to answer.

Learning to Fly

We will be bringing the cameras along, and our goal is to dispatch updates throughout the weekend.

Stay tuned,

- The Management


Unknown said...

I'm really looking forward to this series!

Gator Chris said...

Thanks George (so are we!).

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